The choice of the name “IMAGO” from ancient Latin, to confirm the connection with the history, the roots anchored to a land fertile of beauty, where the aesthetic balance through the image, is savored in every form of art.

Furthermore, the synthesis of the word “IMAGO” must recall to the future, bringing us to the immediacy of the concept, to the synthesis, to the thought of a wider aesthetic that always welcomes the brand project.

Over the years we have grown up with the collaboration with boutiques and atelier of the highest level with which we have always established personal, direct relationships.

Our final consumers were also public figures, linked to the world of culture, art, entertainment in Italy but also abroad.

As far as possible we try to maintain a constant, direct relationship with those who buy our products. We believe it is a strong point of our brand.

For this reason we have opened a store for three seasons in Santa Margherita Ligure, a strategic point, for the confluence of the target customers for our products.

The spirit of the owner, designer, passionate traveler, is constantly evolving, to follow a market that changes in an almost schizophrenic manner, an evolution that respects that "image" of harmonic, refined beauty that flows in her veins, for the fact to be Italian, for genetic aptitude and for cultural training.



Federica Frumento, an innovative Italian designer, designs and creates interesting items with a simple elegance, characterized by an incredible portability.

What recognizes the style of Imago Cashmere is the strong research, in order to create a visual and tactile emotion to the consumer, and make the client feel the magic of the works of contemporary artists, with which Federica collaborates.

The magnificent paintings are handprinted and brushed on numbered sweaters, woven with the finest cashmere yarns.